"A New Approach to Eradicating Sex Trafficking by Reducing Male Demand through Educational Programs and Abolitionist Legislation"

This report, published by Northwestern University's Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, explains how the male demand for commercial sexual services sustains and grows the sex trafficking industry, and then examines various demand-side educational programs and legislative approaches and assesses their impact on minimizing and eradicating the demand.

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  • Dale Anne Carter on 10/25/2014 3:02:38 AM

    Demand Reduction confers equal responsibility for the crime of human trafficking onto both the johns who purchase sex from traffickers and traffickers who sell it. Legislation is pending in some states prosecuting arrested johns and traffickers at the same level of legal liability in the commission of human trafficking. It is my belief that since demand drives supply in any economy, we will be hindered in the eradication of human trafficking until we prosecute both johns AND pimps legally as human traffickers.

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